25 tips to become pro in using Evernote and be more productive

Not time ago I was just like you.

I didn’t understand why there existed all the fuss about Evernote. I tried using it many times but failed miserably. I was always bullied by the interface; not literally. It seemed like the interface was yelling at me and after some time screaming and saying: Just stop using me, already. It always felt to me that Evernote is just like any other note taking ap, slightly better than some but not top-notch, obviously.

Not before every feature I used, looked bland pointless. For taking notes – as most of the people use it for – did not work for me. It always had too much clutter. I thought why all this mess? I can always use paper and pencil. It worked for me and was fast too. All in all, there always existed other options to do the same task without even touching the elephant skull, and that too efficiently.

Evernote as a note taking app is too slow and painful.

Evernote as a planner app is too slow and painful.

Not long time ago if you’d have asked me if you could use OneNote over Evernote, I’d probably have said ‘yes’. And I wouldn’t have laughed at you too.

Though one day I felt I could not tolerate this anymore. The app drama I mean. Because I couldn’t be more productive than a person watching cats all day. I pitied myself. I tried many applications but to-dos won’t do any good to me, like ever. But somehow I just knew the answer to my dilemma — Evernote. I knew two things: it has features like crazy, which I can hack together to make it more like me and it syncs between every device available.

I felt skeptic because I never knew how but I knew I had to use it.

And that was the starting of my crazy life of Evernote. And further into, I’m pretty impressed. Evernote finally got me in the ship I never thought would sail for me.

I was wide of the mark about everything I knew about it. Evernote is something.


[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”1024”] That’s not all folks[/caption]


Ask me again now, if you can use OneNote over Evernote. I’d first laugh at you and then will bully you, until you die. Just kidding, but don’t use OneNote instead of Evernote. There are many, many tasks *you can only* accomplish via the path you don’t want to take (wanted here to actually write ‘the path not taken’ because I’m in love with that poem by Robert Frost).

I was initially skeptical that I will yet again ditch it, but things were different now. I was already in love with the elephant-headed app. Whilst using Evernote, everything came back to me. Everything that felt ‘pointless’ to me actually, made, perfect sense. It actually made a big-o-deal of sense. I never actually picked up the fact that Evernote is only relevant when you commit yourself to use it.

For example you’d be wary of making notes. Slaying them as soon as they are created. Nope. You are doing it wrong.

Lifehacker: The key to Evernote is to commit to it and jump in with both feet. It’s pretty rotten if you’re just using it for a few isolated tasks, because absolutely, it doesn’t do any one thing perfectly and it’s not as fast as other apps. But as a whole it does everything perfectly.

Here are my some of the tips on how you can use Evernote in a lot innovative way. Shall we begin?

1. Don’t be too emotionally attached to the concept of notebooks. Make as many as you want. No, you don’t have to remember anything you write in that notebook. You don’t have to give an exam or something afterall. Jokes apart, you can also make a note be in two-different notebooks. It’s that handy and will keep your notes ordered and easily accessible.

2. And continuing first, create as many notes as you can. Commit yourself to Evernote. Don’t be wary about the clutter or loss of order, it is meant to be used like this. Committing yourself to it is the first and foremost task you need to accomplish.

3. Install web clipper for Evernote which is available for all the major browsers. (Major browsers because I don’t know if it is available for juju-no-anyname browser. So don’t ask me.)
Store all the web clips into a separate notebook for example web clips or something. Use this as a bookmarking system for later referral. Apparently if you don’t want to use clipping functionality still install the webclip extension because it searches your notes simultaneously when you do a search on Google.

4. Make an Evernote email address which lets you forward emails, tweets, or any other type of content to your notebook.

5. You can use IFTTT and archive your entire digital life. Lifehacker had an excellent writeup on this. (Lifehacker Link)

6. You can store the credentials as you can encrypt the text in the note. Since nobody except the one who has the paraphrase can decrypt it, it is quite secure.
Fun Fact: I use it like a journal to which nobody has access to. Sounds fair right.

7. You can quickly jot down ideas/notes for projects/class because the primary function of Evernote is still note taking. No rocket science in that.

8. You can use it for storing digital manuals and instructions for various electronics at home.

9. If you are premium digital subscriber, you can use the additional upload capacity to scan receipts, bills and letters.

10. Use it as a reminder app. When in to-do checklist mode, tell evernote to remind you tomorrow or any other date. A reminder pops right at the instant when you lit up your phone on that day, given you sync it with your phone.

11. Use it as a to-do list which syncs between different devices back and forth and pushes the latest version of list when you make any changes.

12. Keep track of all your digital purchases and their serial numbers. It is quite handy dandy when you want to quickly find what you purchased and when, and is it in warranty date or something.

13. You can right-click on any note and copy its link inside Evernote. You can make internal linking notes by pasting that link inside another note for quick access.

14. Evernote can read text in your images So if you’ve got a photo like the one I took of a receipt the other day, it will scan it make it searchable. In this particular example I searched for receipt obviously.

15. If you are a programmer like me, make a notebook called code and put a snippet of all the code you’ve ever written. Makes perfect sense to me. I can go back any time and see how my past-self implemented something particularly amazing thing. Use this; you’ll be proud of past-self someday.

16. You can use it to archive Instant Messaging chats. Because it is searchable you know what she/he said. And can accuse her/him later for being rude or something.

17. For bloggers out there web clipper is a must. While researching for an article, just make a notebook which you can later delete, and lay the basic outline of the article. This article for example came out smoothly by using this tip.

18. Build all your future shopping lists in Evernote and share folders and notes with your roommates or spouse.

19. Not only can you create a “Wish List” notebook of fantastic items — they’ll show up alongside your Google searches if you’re looking for something similar.

20. There was a book you wanted to read this summer, but you can’t remember it now. Luckily, Evernote can, because you dropped it in your “Summer Reads” notebook.

21. Inside the note , use the share menu which shares a note with people. Send them the link. It works like a .txt file hosted on Evernote. Anyone with a link can see them but it is far easier and convenient than sending info over email. Just send the link and they can bookmark it.

22. If you’re a twitter fanatic use Evernote directly from there. Just follow @myEN which lets you send notes to your account directly either by a DM or a tweet.

23. Livescribe smartpens keeps a digital record of the things that you write and draw with them, and can even store audio too.

24. All in all you can use Evernote as a basic utility Inbox where you can store anything you want to remember.
Fun Fact 2: Elephant remembers everything, somehow. That’s why Evernote has an elephant head.

25. Lastly, you can only get better at using Evernote and devise your own hacks by using more of it, everyday. Nothing beats experience after all.

If you have more awesome innovative ways of using Evernote, care to share. Drop them either in the comments or email me.

Run Android 4.1+ on PC with using Genymotion

Bluestacks is the simplest tool available for emulating Android on your computer. However it has many downsides. First being that it still is in beta state. Even if their teams are working hard to make it better, it sucks a lot. Secondly it is slow. Slow as hell. Even basic tasks show a bit of a lag. It pings every core of CPU when running intensive apps. And third and most painful of all, it still runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The world has advanced, so do you need to.

Enter GenyMotion.

This is the best emulation software I’ve ever seen by far. Though setup is a bit hard as compared to Bluestacks.  However the performance you get out of GenyMotion is absolutely unmatched.

As stated by the website:  it uses hardware acceleration by using the OpenGL library to accelerate Android which helps a lot with the performance.

Unlike Bluestacks you actually have to make an account with GenyMotion, to download and use the application. Additionally, it aims toward developers out there who wish to test their application on a Mac, PC or Linux. That doesn’t mean normal people can’t get their hands dirty by using it.

Here is how you can install GenyMotion on your PC:

Step 1:
As stated earlier you need an account to install the Genymotion app. To make an account, head over to this link.

Step 2:

Once the account is made just install the downloaded app. Wait, actual Android ISO isn’t downloaded yet. When done installing, sign in to your GenyMotion app.

Step 3:
You now need to create a new Virtual Device (and at the same time it will show if you have any existing Virtual Machines). You can choose like Galaxy Nexus - Android 4.1.1 or like.

Step 4:

It’ll then show all the final settings. Press Next and it’ll start to download the file. The file size can change depending on your preference. Though in my testing it was near about 200 MB.

Step 5:

Now click on play to launch the virtual device. If it prompts: “To use ADB connection, you should configure correctly the path to Android SDK.” Hit ‘Stop asking me’.

Now your Virtual Android machine is ready to rock. You can set the custom resolution size by clicking the gear icon in the GenyMotion app next to the virtual device. Just enter the custom value in the field and you’re all set.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the smoothness of the VM. Bluestack definitely feel like there has been a bump in the machine specs. The installation goes just like any Android phone you’ve bought. The animations were buttery smooth and I did not feel any kind of lag in my testing.

This is also big for Google Now fanatics as the app is actually accessible from the emulation. Mic input works just fine. Overall it doesn’t feel like any emulation, it feels a whole lot like a phone screen being projected on your Computer screen.

How to edit videos online for free

For starters, there is YouTube that provides a basic editor which does little more than trim the head and tail off a clip (with some bugginess), but not much else. Since you’ll be using YouTube to share your videos online after all, it makes sense to actually directly upload the video to them, edit and then publish. However, it is not too robust in functionality. The better alternative to it is Video Tool Box.

Video Toolbox is a cloud video editing program that would probably get you most of the way there for very basic edits including: cropping, watermarks, trims, and clip ordering. And best of all it doesn’t even cost a dime. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see a browser-based video editing solution working for more advanced edits — at least not in the current state of the Web. With Video Toolbox, your initial upload limit is capped at 600 MB. You can pay to increase this, however.

Why Aren’t There More Solutions out there?

Editing videos is a very bandwidth intensive task. Getting a raw camera footage up to the cloud takes a very long time even on high speed Internet Connection in the first place. By the time you’ve uploaded it, you might have already had the video edited in a locally installed program and ready for upload to video sharing websites like YouTube or Vimeo or whatever.

Take it like this: Video editor professionals have to get a beast of a device in the first place to start editing videos. Beast machine like Mac Pro or rMBP. Video editing puts a heavy burden on system resources. For a website to provide advanced, non-linear video editing services, it would mean that they need to put a lot of effort in engineering and infrastructure to handle server load for many users simultaneously.

So the best bet is to get a video editing software on your local machine and edit videos.

Get new Facebook News Feed even before Facebook rolls it out to you

It has been a while now since Facebook announced its ambitious plans about the News Feed. The updated version of News Feed almost de-cluttered every single annoyance you have had with the News Feed. Build with the thought of ‘content first’ makes the stories much bigger than the other UI elements. Too good right. However, there is a long, long waitlist that seems to never end because Facebook just isn’t pushing the new News Feed to you after all.

Here is a simple workaround to access the updated version of the News Feed. However, for this you must be using Chrome since this workaround works with the help of a free Chrome Extension.

  1. Don’t already login to the Facebook. If you’re already logged in, log out.

  2. Grab this extension from the Chrome Web Store. Install it.

  3. Go to Facebook and log in.

  4. Rock the new News Feed.

Though in my testing I found this extension to be slightly buggy since it is an unofficial creation of the Facebook News Feed. Like, when in half-screen mode such as using windows snap features whenever messages is accessed, the feed becomes blank. And it almost takes a minute and a half before messages are actually displayed, this all on a high-speed Internet Connection.

Albeit when it works, it works like a charm. Still, it is an unofficial recreation by a fan, thank him and move on.

Note: If you want to increase your chances of getting the new News Feed, then change the Language of your Facebook to English (US). You can change language by going in Account Settings>Language. If you are already using US English, then wait until they finally roll it out to you.

Thoughts on Nexus 5

Google has been making strives to build a Smartphone flagship that is equally or more influential than the competition and is inexpensive off-contract. They have been doing this for quite a while now. These devices come under a specific brand name — Nexus. Nexus as a brand has not been abused like Surface by Microsoft. Nexus – still feels like a premium product catalog by Google, albeit they are cheap.

Unlike Apple, Google is not a hardware company so they have to rely upon different phone manufacturers to build a phone for them. Albeit made by a different manufacturer, they have near about entire control over the hardware – what they’ll be using and how.

Apparently Nexus is a food cooked by two companies and the end-level integration between hardware and software is inferior to what Apple produces with the iPhone and iOS.

I am not here to accuse Nexus for not being well integrated from hardware to software. My job is to acknowledge what’s good. Integration is not something Google is certainly proud of. Well, Google should be gratified of ramming in latest guts in a Smartphone half the price tag of the iPhone, off-contract.

Google has been teaming up with many hardware manufacturers in the past. Nexus One with HTC, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10 by Samsung, Nexus 7 by Asus and Nexus 4 by LG. LG is again lucky to make a Nexus.

Nexus 5 is a hell beast of a device. Stacking up against iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 1020 or Blackberry Z10 doesn’t make it look underpowered or cute¹. It’s not just another okay device. Google has pulled in every string to make Nexus work like a charm with the new version of Android, KitKat (Android 4.4 for Number Philes).

In Android there still exists some sort of fragmentation. Phones are still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. OTA updates take time to reach. It’s just like clearing customs; Phone carriers, manufacturers skinned version and many other factors take part in fragmenting the market. So Google devised a solution. Buy a Nexus and have a new version of Android whenever it is out. Makes sense right. But still there are not only Nexus that are selling like hotcakes. For starters there is Galaxy S series, which is for the most part, considered the flagship of Android. I don’t know the reason why Samsung is considered to make the best phones, which clearly they are not. However even if Samsung S4 is considered flagship, the Nexus 5 is the heir to the flagship throne now. Because, logic.

Nexus 5 is not that pretty if you probe an average consumer. Still it is not a giant slab like Galaxy Note 3; which is well, size of a human head and people look bland while calling on one. It is not like a sculpted piece of art like Lumia 920, or a precious piece of “Jewelry” like the iPhone 5S. It doesn’t come in colors like iPhone 5C. It is plain and simple. Just White and Black. Compared to Moto X made by Motorola, extension of Google, it looks a bit boring. No customizations. Just a 5.4”x2.7” black rectangle. Or white according to your preference.

It is a freaking big phone. Though it feels small compared to other 5” devices. Coming from iPhone 5S or the Moto X, you’ll definitely feel the bump up in size. It is not a premium product like the Nokia Lumia 925 or the iPhone 5S or HTC One but it still isn’t cheap as Samsung Galaxy S4 plastic body. Though it is made of plastic, it still feels solid and not slippery unlike Nexus 4 glass back.

It has a nice carved Nexus logo on the back which reminds you that it is not yet another plastic slab. It’s nice to hold. Stylistically, it shares much common with new Nexus 7 and the original Chromebook, and that’s a good thing.

Since LG makes this phone, this had to take some design cues from the predecessor but it don’t. It is a spiritual successor to G2 which is also made by LG. Take it like this: G2 was improved in every possible way and then the Nexus 5 was born into this world.

The 8-megapixel point and shoot camera stuffed into the Nexus 5 is a pure disaster. Though in perfect settings it can produce beautiful or rather outstanding photos but the downside is ‘perfect settings’. It is so easy to abuse a hardware component by saying it is capable of, but well in reality it isn’t. In the real world, you don’t have time to get the settings right for a particular shot. While at the same time iPhone and Lumia bullies, who might have taken tons of photos, will troll around. Before the Nexus 5 was even announced, the leaked portrayals and info made the camera a point of gossip for Tech Industry. Since every single Android camera sucked and particularly that of Nexus 4 didn’t quite live up to the hype. Everyone thought it would change with the Nexus 5. It is appalling that a phone that is advertised for Camera, for the most parts, isn’t comparable to the competitors.

Joshua Topolsky, for The Verge also has the same findings:

The Nexus 5 takes photos and video with too little contrast, too little saturation, and too little color (or inconsistent color) — when you can get the camera to focus at all. Low light performance isn’t exactly poor, but getting it to snap the picture you want at the moment you want will drive you absolutely nuts. The camera app can be absurdly slow to focus and even slow to launch in the first place, which makes the Nexus 5 as a camera an exercise in frustration. It instills no confidence — and after a while I simply expected the phone to produce bad results. Side by side with almost any other flagship phone, its camera doesn’t hold up.

Though there is a ray of hope left. Representatives from the Android team says that software is to blame for the poor performance, and not hardware. If the fix is coming, the issues will probably be addressed, hopefully.

Battery life is pretty inconsistent. The downside is it doesn’t have a removable battery unlike the Galaxy S4. No expandable storage and no IR blaster, too. However, Nexus 5 supports wireless charging, which is surely a welcome addition. Though all these things are not a deal breaker because Nexus was never about much of the hardware because:

  1. Nexus 5 has a  price tag of a mere $349 off-contract. When compared to the rivals, iPhone, Galaxy S4 or even Nokia’s Lumia is just double the price of Nexus 5.

  2. With Nexus you’re under Google’s walled garden. You get all the Android-latest-updates OTA, without anyone ever interfering. Android’s most appealing unskinned version right under your thumbs. Nexus is all about the pure Google experience. That’s what Google is providing with Nexus 5. Out-of-the-box you’ll get Android 4.4 KitKat.

Android just keeps getting better with every new iteration. From Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich. From Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean. And now from Jelly bean to KitKat. In the first two, there was a noticeable difference. In ICS, android got a facelift, and that too a dramatic one. In JB, android got faster, smoother and more polished. KitKat, doesn’t really seem like much more of a jump. It’s clear why it’s not Android 5.0. That being said, there are still many welcome improvements. First, there’s the new phone app which is much, much easier to use. The new Caller ID feature, works like a charm. (P.S: Not to get confused with Touch ID in iPhone which is an entirely different thing.) The messaging app is gone. From gone I mean literally taken away. Instead Google plans you to use Hangouts which will double as the new messaging in-built app. I don’t know why they did it, but from the logic, they want to bring IM and SMS under one single app. You can add one of your contacts to a conversation, the app tells you if they are on SMS or if they are on chat, or both. In this way you can switch back-and-forth fast. Albeit it is very, very confusing for non-tech-savvy people. Google Now is under the skin of Android. It is deeply integrated. You can swipe left to access it, which is a sort of a gesture to quickly invoke it. It also brings a trick or two from Moto X, the always-listening-creepy phone you know. Android 4.4 brings similar kinda functionality. Just say ‘Okay Google’ and you’ll end up in the Google now interface.

There are countless improvements like Wallet is also now deeply integrated, faster multitasking, immersive mode where you can get rid of software onscreen buttons when watching movie or something, cloud printing and now well, android is less resource hog.

It can run on low end Smartphones but it won’t come to Galaxy Nexus. Well, I don’t get some of the things here or is it just me. Why would you call your OS less resource hungry when it won’t work fine on a flagship you made 2 years ago. It just don’t make sense.

However just at $349 to buy the latest and the greatest, it is quite acceptable. Given that for this amount you’re getting a beast of a device with a gorgeous 1080p display on which performance just screams out.

Not only it is an excellent phone right now, it’s the most future proof phone currently in existence mainly because

  1. It is cheap to buy on the first place and,

  2. You get Android updates, fast.

Apparently it is the best Android phone out there. Nexus 5 gives a run for its money. If you’re an Android purist, then this phone is definitely for you.

Phonebloks and Motorola’s Project Ara: Can a Smartphone last forever?

A certain video has been floating around the internet recently called Phonebloks which has more than 8 million views, more than 150,000 thumbs up and 20,000 +1s on Google+. And recently Motorola also announced a project codenamed Project Ara which is just like Phonebloks. So what is Phonebloks and Project Ara? Should you care about it? Let’s go ahead and break this down.

First things first. What is Phonebloks?

Phonebloks is the idea of totally modular Smartphone. It stands for the notion that when people get done with their Smartphone and when it’s time to replace it — seriously just because of a single reason, maybe it is getting too slow or they don’t like the camera anymore or maybe the screen broke and they throw out the entire phone — even if the rest of the phone is probably working perfectly fine. This creates a lot of unnecessary waste.

Phonebloks concept is sort of a central motherboard or base that all the rest of the parts will plug into. The parts all fit together in a way like legos. If someone decides to upgrade a like part of a Smartphone or they want to change something, they don’t have to throw out the whole phone. Just like the legos they can actually just remove and reattach and rearrange the part of the Smartphone to create exactly what they want. Makes perfect sense.

It was half tech concept and half social media campaign. Phonebloks is a very expensive concept. Building a phone, like the equivalent of Samsung Galaxy S4 on paper for example, out of Phonebloks would end up costing probably twice as much and it would be a much, much larger device.


So here’s a thing about Phonebloks. Well the idea itself is really cool and very positive and motives are all great, the logistics behind this are damn near impossible to pull off right now. But that’s not the point. That’s not what it is about. Like I said earlier Phonebloks is really just the idea of a completely modular Smartphone. There is no Kickstarter, no Indigogo or actual funding. There is no actual product. There is no physical prototype. There is no pre-order. This is just an idea. And phonebloks is a campaign to spread this idea through as many people as possible. To inspire the idea of the modular Smartphone being the Smartphone of the future.

Enter the Project Ara.

Google or rather say Motorola revealed something that they had been working on: Project Ara, which is yet another concept for a modular Smartphone. Sounds familiar right? We’ve seen this before with Phonebloks.

But the thing is Phonebloks didn’t come from very large manufacturer. Phonebloks did not come from a big company looking to actually change the game. It came from a small YouTube video maker. Who is just looking to spread the idea about something he believed in.aramotorolagirl

Today Motorola revealed that they have been working on this Ara concept for modular Smartphone for more than a year now. So Phonebloks only came out 2 months ago and Project Ara has apparently been worked on upon for more than a year now. So lets suppose to believe that these two had nothing to do with each other until recently when they got together and said alright, let’s do this. Let’s make this a thing. We have the same idea, lets just collaborate and make this happen.

So now there is a Motorola blog post about it, there is an updated Phonebloks website and there is a new Phonebloks video on YouTube that has some updated visuals. It is entirely possible that Motorola and Dave from Phonebloks have been working together for way longer than what they tell us and it is possible that the Phonebloks concept was a gorilla marketing campaign or an experiment from Motorola to see how people actually react to this. That now it has gone super viral, they are publicizing their plans to make it real.

It’s all possible but I am gonna go with what they are saying. I am going to believe for a second that everything they are telling us is true and everything that they coming out with is indeed a genuinely new idea, that they are actually collaborating. I will believe for a minute that it is actually an amazing coincidence that is just now gaining a full headstream on the day that the PhoneBloks thunderclap was scheduled to happen. But now I am interested. I am much more interested than I was before. See when I first saw the PhoneBloks video, everything felt unrealistic and unfeasible. The whole concept had very few technical details at all involved in that video. Mostly a marketing campaign and a lot of people agree that it didn’t seem very likely to happen at all.

But how is Motorolas Project Ara different from Phonebloks. Well on the surface it’s not. It’s the same concept with a slightly better looking design. Though the idea is exactly the same. The biggest change here and the reason why it is making headlines again is the fact that Motorola and Google are now behind this. This is according to the blog post that this idea has been worked on by Google and Motorola for over a year now which means that now Google’s engineering power and their finances are actually putting effort into this and research and development into making an idea like this actually happen they may have plans to actually change the game.

It sounds like they really want this to be a huge success and I definitely know what I hope that turns out to be. If this turns out to be a huge success, it is going to be because Google and Motorola actually care about fundamentally changing the way we see and use our Smartphone and that’s huge. That is disruptive, that is bold and that is also dangerous and very risky. But at the same time if this fails it’s because Google and Motorola tried to suddenly fundamentally changed the way we think about Smartphone and the world wasn’t ready.

So for this we should consider other products like Google Glass and smartwatches and even the original first iPhones. Where they were first to their form factors, they were first to do what they do. And they might not seem like modular Smartphone or an entirely new form factor but they definitely are and that is something that is never being done before. And something that is never done before always starts of very expensive and controversial way. So I say lets give it a chance. Let’s see how serious they are and who knows with all the engineering and funding from Google maybe something like this will actually become a reality. And if it does fail it is nice to see someone legitimately trying to innovate and change the game rather than just playing it too safe. And who knows it might pave the way for other manufacturers to continue to try to change the game in this way and do unique modular things like this.

So what do you think? Is it possible to own the same Smartphone fundamentally for a couple of years or maybe forever, even if you are replacing whole bunch of the parts. Are you in, are you into this idea?

I want to believe, like I want to be convinced but they have a lot of convincing to do.

iPad Air: Explained and Should you be buying it

Bigger iPad just got a little smaller. See the irony? Instead of naming it with the original convention, i.e. naming it the new iPad, or the new new iPad, Apple thought it would be cool to call it “The iPad Air.” Mind you if you compare it with the MacBook Air since it has got nothing to do with the MacBook Air, seriously. iPad had been dieting for quite a while now, so it got a bit skinny and has shed some weight. But still it is the same iPad you used to love. Same gorgeous 10” retina display. Keeping all the guts same, it has got a bit faster too. Thanks to the new 64 Bit A7 Chip custom made by Apple.

How much smaller, lighter and thinner? For the starters it weighs around 1 lbs down from 1.4 lbs of the last year model. It is just 0.29” thick. Or take it like this — it is 0.29” THIN. The bezel is also much narrower, too; 43 percent so, in fact.

If you are a person, just like me, to whom all these above numbers don’t make sense, let me get this to you straight: This years model will fit more comfortably in your hands. It will feel a bit less heavy and also it will be fast but you won’t see the difference. Here is a picture comparing sizes of iPad Air and iPad 4th generation.  ipadairvsipadretina

The camera is unchanged from 5 MP sensor from last model. See, Apple also hates people who take pictures with their iPads. People, please don’t do it. It’s not cool. Also, no Touch ID sensors for the iPad Air.


Nah, I don’t think so. I mean this is a great product and it will sell good, but not as good as how iPad Mini will. iPad Mini will be the one for which people will be in line for. Well, since it has gotten a lot more important update unlike the iPad ‘Air’, it got a shiny new retina display. I would say people will be in line for iPad Air if only iPad Mini was never released in the first place.


Should you be buying it? Well it depends. First you should be asking yourself this: iPad Air or iPad Mini. iPad Mini has a smaller display. To be precise 2” smaller, diagonally. If you want a big screen for watching purposes or whatever then iPad Air is your bet. But, when you’ll relax at the end of the day on your couch you’ll don’t want to hold a device this big. iPad Mini is the perfect device to toss in your hand whenever required. It’s small and it has got the same guts as the iPad Air.

Good read by Time on: 5 Reasons to Buy the iPad Air, 5 for the Retina iPad Mini and 5 to Buy Neither.